Why Maintain Your Website!

Your website is a key marketing asset of your business.  From attracting the right customers to providing information for your audience to get to know you and your business culture.

We know you do not have the time to do all the things your business needs to do to communicate to your large audience on the web and keep your website up-to-date and running.  We offer a comprehensive service to maintain and support your website on a daily basis.  Our dedicated team have over 20 years experience in website development and management. Please choose the package that suites you and your business best and let us take the stress away from you and your team.

Answers to Your Questions

What if I go over time limits included with my plan?

If you use all of your inclusive products for one month – we will let you know to purchase additional time in 30 min blocks.

If I want to change my support plan, can I?

Yes. You can up or downgrade your plan at any time by contacting us and we can go through the new requirements.

What happens if I want to leave within the first 6 months?

We ask for a six month commitment from you due to the significant work we undertake when onboarding a site. Our business model and pricing is based on the trust of building a long term partnership to look after your website for a very affordable monthly fee. If you are extremely unsatisfied with our service within the initial six month, please raise this with Neil and he will be happy to discuss your concerns and identify an amicable resolution.

How are plan payments collected?

Plan payments are collected automatically via Stripe recurring payment facility in advance on the same day each calendar month. When you sign up to your plan, you will be asked to enter your debit/credit card details and this card will be retained and used for payment processing each month.


My name is Neil Skilton and I am the Delivery Director.  I will be taking care of your business website. I have approaching 20 years of experience in Digital IT working for companies like GlaxoSmithkline and Christies and managing websites and systems for my wife Christine’s bridal wear boutique since 2004.

My team and I will take this critical role from you to ensure that your website gets the attention it requires on a regular basis. Having been in the bridal industry for over 17 years I also appreciates that your website can easily be forgotten amongst all the other priorities you have on a day to day basis. I will enable you to have confidence that the website is in safe hands and that all aspects are under control and being managed correctly.

Minimise the risk of your website falling over and feel comfortable that Neil and his team have your back to ensure that your website is safe and secure and offers the foundation for all of your marketing activities.

Neil Skilton

Delivery Director, Lush Marketing

Let's Work Together!

Yes, we will be there to make sure that you business website keep running.