Customer Attraction

Our aim is to work on your Customer Attraction by delivering consistent solutions to attract your ideal customers/clients.

We work hard to create amazing websites that attract your ideal customer which deliver more traffic to your website and therefore more appointments leading to more sales to your business…

Web Design

The internet is such a significant part of day to day life that I am sure you will agree that all businesses must have a high level of web presence, and that it is especially important for Retailers in all sectors.

The majority of customers will spend hours on-line planning their weddings and then making decisions on which stores to visit. Your website has to show your customers why they should visit you, and ensure you initiate a relationship with them.

We build custom websites with the latest technologies that are not only beautiful to look at but resourceful and easy to update.

Strategy and Growth

We are living in a marketing revolution and we have so many opportunities to engage with customers.

All the gatekeepers of the past are falling away and it is easier than ever to get your message out through your website and social media marketing.

We can help you get your message out to the exact group of people you want to reach with targeted marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Reporting and Growth

We give you our knowledge and experience to transform your online marketing for growth and profitability which will make a significant change to your business. More appointments, more opportunity to sell and more profits.

The process starts with a business survey, followed by a one to one meeting before we take some time to put together a “Report for Growth” to take your online presence up to a new level.

We will then go through the report with you to ensure it is achievable and see where and if you need support for the implementation.

Website Management

Your website is a key marketing asset of your business. With the correct designed website you can attract the right customers to your business.

We will ensure your website stays current, fresh and up to date. We will “keep up” and “take care of” all upgrades keeping your website secure and problem-free.


With any of our maintenance plans, you won’t have to worry about any of this. If something does go wrong, there is always a recent backup ready to get you back online.

Are you ready to work on the full Customer Attraction strategy for your business.

Let’s work together, and make magic!

Save Time

Your time is important to your business. We know from experience that managing your website can be time consuming and challenging at the best of times.  We are here to give you time back so you can work on your business and not spending time updating your website.  We’ve got your back…

Stay Fresh

Your website is a key marketing tool for your business and requires expert support to ensure it is working properly, that the content is being refreshed and that google is finding all of the necessary brands and products in your store.

Drive appointments

Every business needs footfall to their store and the key method for many businesses is driving traffic through their website. And don’t forget new customers are the life blood of any business.