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Our aim is to work on your Customer Attraction by delivering solutions and websites to attract your ideal clients, who are ready to purchase from you.

We have vast experience developing websites that are easy to navigate, provide well-laid-out design and structured methods for customers to arrive at your appointment booking page or process.

We have also developed strategies and processes for social media platforms and google to bring brides to your website, and in turn to your boutique so that can you build relationships, sell more and grow your business.


Speak Your Bride’s Language

Create a business your ideal customer can love…
With all the latest changes to social media it is actually a huge win for you…Pay attention to your website.   If you stop learning the brides language and don’t adapt you will die with no appointments.

The proper balance between direct response websites and customer attraction website is like Del Boy saying to Grandad “I am working on the back one”. Your website needs to speak the language of your ideal customer, and most of all your ideal customer has to like your business.

Functionality & Processes


Help the brides prepare for their appointment and also help the stylist prepare to “Close the Sale”… There is a saying that to fail to prepare, is to prepare to fail.  So we build a wishlist system to help the sales team prepare for their appointments.  The brides love looking through teh dresses and choosing their favourites and then the Sales team look very professional when they have the dresses prepared for the appointment, and the appointment can commence without the need to go to the rails.


Attracting Customers

There are 3 easy steps to achieving more appointments. Yes  I hear you that you want more appointments!

My BEE Method will guide you on the road to more Appointments.

Build – Engage – Educate

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